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About me

Summary: I work at the intersection of technology, product and delivery to help organisations ship brilliant digital products. When not helping clients I build my own products like Twivel, a video-on-demand platform. I’ve been building products for the web for 15 years during which I’ve been CTO at an early stage startup, founded my own SaaS company and co-founded and ran a thriving digital agency.

I get my hands dirty with a range of technologies including ruby on rails, javascript (node & react), drupal, PHP, AWS, JIRA and espresso machines.

Previously: Most recently I worked with EmpowerRD, a London based fintech startup, to design and build their core product. Prior to that I spent most of 2016-17 on Twivel a white label, video-on-demand platform that enables video publishers to create their own “mini-iPlayer” app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, with no development. Twivel now supports hundreds of thousands of users for The Economist and Ikono TV.

In 2010 I co-founded and worked with Ben to build up Cameron & Wilding to become a twelve person digital agency. In early 2015 I handed things over to my business partner and set out to find new challenges. Before C&W I worked as a freelance developer, co-founded a social network for language learners and worked as a consultant for Accenture.

My perpetual curiosity is reflected in my academic background: BA in Thai Language and Religious Studies (SOAS), MA in Economics of Latin America (UCL). I speak Thai and Spanish and have spent chunks of time living in Thailand, Madrid, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and, of course, London.

Work with me: I typically work on short-term consulting engagements to help organisations release a key product, plan out a roadmap or research and solve a strategic technology issue.

To get in touch ping me an email or connect on LinkedIn. Although I’m based in London, I’m open to working world-wide. My CV is available to download here.

How I can help


I take a hands on approach to technology, helping organisations build robust, performant and delightful products. Typically I work on technology selection, systems architecture, instilling quality and best practices and, of course, writing clean, tested code.


One of the toughest challenges in digital and tech is translating business needs and ideas into product or service. I bring over a decade of experience of applying technology to solve business problems, to help document and refine requirements into easily understandable, low-risk components ready for development.


A well run agile delivery process underpins digital success. It builds trust between product and business teams and lowers the risk of "building the wrong thing". I've introduced and run agile processes for teams from 1 person to multiple teams running concurrently.

Recent Work

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